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A Christmas Message from RWD

RWD Christmas

Christmas is just five days away, and it feels like the New Year has crept up on us. Before we take a break over the festive season, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back over 2016 and everything we’ve achieved.

Please Note: Our office will be closed from 4pm on Wednesday 21st December. We will be open for business as normal from Tuesday 3rd January.

After 30 new websites, 120 quarterly reviews, 360 monthly reports, and 1,500 blogs, 2016 is over. It’s been a busy year, but whenever we’ve got a spare minute, we’ve focused on developing and gaining a better understanding of our flagship service: our Digital Marketing Package. It’s always been the thing that’s made us unique, and now we’ve dedicated ourselves to it. This culminated in the launch of our new website last week, which is based around the package and the fantastic results we’ve achieved through it. (And despite going through websites like Henry VIII went through wives, Robin is sure this is The One.) 

We’re proud of a lot of things at RWD. Our work is – and always been – at the cutting-edge of web design. We don’t rely on pre-built templates; we’ve built every website bespoke from day one. It means we’re always motivated to be creative and stay up-to-date with the latest web trends, and it means the results we get for our clients are stunning. Throughout 2016, our web design and development teams have continued to keep RWD at the forefront of our industry.

But there’s more to our team than their achievements; we’re a close-knit bunch, and that’s what makes RWD such a happy place to work. Even if Kerrie breaks out her catchphrase “No, the driving test building is next door,” on a daily basis, Adam nearly frightens us all to death with his trademark sneezes, and Martin’s terrible puns make everyone groan (You’re having a right Weston aren’t you?” “A what?” “A super-Mare.”), we are all united in our passion for cake. Especially if it’s one of Matt’s diabetes-inducing bakes – honestly, it’s a wonder we can all fit behind our desks. We’re always pretty cheery, but every now and then, something happens to send Greta into a laughing fit. This means either that it was hilarious or that it is Friday afternoon.

In the New Year, our team will be joined by a new Web Developer – and we hope Daisy won’t scare him off. 2017 is going to be a big year for RWD. As anyone who’s visited our office will know, it’s a bit on the small side, so we’re all looking forward to moving into new premises next summer. The new space will give us the room we need as we focus on our Digital Marketing Package and take on new clients to fill in other industry spots.

As 2016 comes to an end and we get ready for our Christmas holidays, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of our clients and suppliers. This year, we have decided to make a donation of £200 to The Benjamin Foundation, a local charity, instead of sending Christmas cards – but our digital card has gone down a treat. (Funnily enough, it’s what caused Greta’s last laughing fit.) Take a look at it here.