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Company News 13/11/2019

Ad Grants: How We Secured $10,000 per Month for Local Charity

Ad grant for local charity

The Google Ad Grants scheme pays for advertising space on the Google platforms. We helped a local charity, Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services, to apply for the grant. We successfully secured a grant of $10,000 per month to advertise their services at the top of Google’s Search listings.

Leeway and RWD

Leeway is an independent charity providing support to adults, young people and children who are experiencing domestic abuse in Norfolk and Suffolk. They operate seven safe houses in the local region. RWD Click have worked with Leeway since 2015. We built the charity's website and we provide update services at a reduced rate.

Seeking Help Online

A major part of Leeway’s work is outreach and raising awareness. Teaching people the signs of an abusive relationship and where to find help to escape an abusive partner. People who have questions about domestic abuse may choose to enter those questions into the Google search engine. It is essential that information about Leeway’s services and their helpline number appear at the top of the search results if they are going to reach the people that are making these searches.

Top of the Search Listings

We typically have a combined strategy of Search Engine Optimisation techniques and paid advertising to make sure an organisation is visible near the top of the search listings. We can use SEO to improve organic ranking, but the top 3-5 slots on the search results are paid-for positions with top slot going to the highest bidder. We noticed that advertisers (chiefly counselling services and law firms) were beginning to advertise on keywords relating to domestic abuse, pushing Leeway’s vital message further down the ranking.

Advertising Strategy

Leeway need every penny to help people who are experiencing domestic abuse, they couldn’t spare the budget for an advertising campaign. For qualifying charities, Google provides a grant of $10,000 per month to level the playing field. We successfully applied on Leeway’s behalf and maintain the campaign so that it continues to meet the stringent requirements (for those of you that speak Google marketing mumbo-jumbo, the campaign must stay above monthly minimums for conversions and average CTR).

Grant Application

Application for a Google Ads Grant is not a simple process. Each of the three stages of application involve multiple forms and the Ad campaign itself must be set up and maintained according to strict criteria. Even for our experienced advertising team – who are Google Partners with the Search Ads specialisation – the process was something of a challenge and we were delighted when the application was approved. $10,000 goes a long way when you are only advertising in Norfolk and Suffolk! 

Take a look at our advertising package to see how we could help you achieve everything that you want from a Google Ads campaign or talk directly to our team by calling 01603 632552.