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How we Created our Most Striking Company Logos

The New Year gets everyone thinking about new starts. At RWD, we even put the biscuit tin away (although it seems to have mysteriously resurfaced in the staff room). In 2017, many businesses will be getting on their feet, while others will be changing to keep up with a competitive economy. Having a strong brand identity is central to any successful business, so if you feel like it’s time for a refresh, now is your perfect opportunity. We’ve created logos that have really helped local and national brands make a name for themselves. Here are some of our favourites, and how we made them.

Company LogosA. Moore DBC

Moore is a well-established shop fitting company who felt that their logo needed an update. It was a simple wordmark with Moore Design Build Complete Ltd in a single line, and they gave us a lot of creative freedom in reinventing it. 

As the company name was quite long, we suggested shortening it to Moore DBC and adding the tagline ‘Design Build Complete’ underneath. This made sense for the logo and helped streamline and reinvigorate the brand overall. The main feature of the logo is the infinity symbol made out of the double ‘o’. This represents the company’s comprehensive service and the limitless choice available to their customers. It’s a visual pun, playing on the double meaning of Moore/more – it suggests more options, more possibilities.

B. Secret Guitar Teacher

The Secret Guitar Teacher is an e-learning platform run by experienced musician and vlogger Nick Minnion. The site’s original logo was an illustration that was not easily legible on a screen, and Nick felt that it needed a more modern look to connect with his users.

We decided to drop the ‘the’ from the company name, and add ‘.com’ to emphasise the digital aspect of the company. However, we didn’t want to lose the sense of creativity that the original logo suggested, so we created a freehand drawing of an abstract guitar made from the company initials.

C. Hopkins Ecology

Setting up as a new company, Hopkins Ecology wanted a logo that represented their knowledge and experience. As an ecology consultancy firm, they were looking for something with a corporate feel that would inspire trust. They were concerned that emphasising the company’s links to nature could make them look less serious, and were not sure about the colour green.

We used a smart sans serif typeface, which we softened with a small leaf growing from the letter ‘y’. This connects the company’s visual identity with nature without compromising the professional, formal look. Despite the Hopkins Ecology team’s reservations about the colour green, we suggested a dark green shade with a hint of blue and they fell in love with it.

D. Blue Morph

Executive coach and author Liz Wiggins had a clear sense of her business’s identity from day one. She named it Blue Morph after the beautiful tropical butterfly, and knew she wanted that to be its symbol. However, she was concerned that it could look too carefree or naïve. We used the blue morpho butterfly, but took it back to something quite abstract. Liz chose it as a symbol of change, so we suggested movement and dynamism with overlapping strokes. To give the butterfly even more meaning, its wings are two profiles facing one another, representing communication and understanding.

The company name is written in a clean sans serif typeface in light and bold font weights, which ties in with the tagline ‘Light touch, high impact.’ We also elongated the letter ‘p’ to give the logo a more dynamic look and suggest continuity and ongoing change.

E. Claire Watt-Smyrk

Claire Watt-Smyrk is an experienced psychosexual and relationship therapist who had started her own private practice. She liked the idea of something abstract, such as the tree of life or a fountain, with earthy muted tones but a sense of liveliness and energy. She also told us about her values: the key one being that touch is central to life. We created a logo that incorporates all of the design elements that Claire liked and has a warm, approachable image.

F. Marriot & Swales

Marriot & Swales are an exciting new brand of 100% British beef biltong who use simple, quality ingredients and no artificial flavourings or preservatives. They wanted the brand to have the look of a deli or charcuterie, and to represent their ties with the British countryside. We used a classic serif font to give the logo a traditional, trustworthy look, and the military green emphasises the country lifestyle feel.

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