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Company News 27/03/2018

In the Interests of Transparency: Data We Process

The eye is watching you

Not all digital marketing companies are cut from the same cloth. In a week where Cambridge Analytica have dominated the headlines for their sinister use of illegally obtained Facebook data, we thought we’d better explain exactly what data we process and why. If for no other reason than to reassure you that everything we do is above board. The only shady dealings we get involved in are for our clients in the window blinds industry.

Website Data

In order for us to help our clients achieve good ranking for key terms on Google, it is necessary for us to record and analyse website traffic data. We use the Google Analytics software to record the amount of traffic arriving on the site, where it has come from, how long it stays and whether any email, survey or phone call links are clicked. It has been argued (successfully) in the European courts that IP addresses count as personal data. But we can’t see anything more specific than a city or region and could not use this website traffic data to identify a person.

Marketing Data   

For some clients, we provide an email marketing service. We write emails – advertising upcoming promotions or new product lines – that are sent out to their customer base periodically. The laws regarding how email databases can be compiled is changing (see blogs passim). For those clients who require it, we are compiling new customer databases that are likely to be smaller but more relevant. Each customer on the new list will have specifically opted to receive email marketing. From May 25th of this year, we will only be able to use the updated lists.

Data Security

All the websites that we design and curate have Transport Layer Security. Confusingly, web developers refer to this as an ‘SSL’. We can explain this by way of a short analogy: imagine your beloved pub the Red Lion has been taken over by oily-bearded Millennials and renamed the Crafty Brühaüs. On a point of principle, you and your mates are still going to call it the Red Lion. Web developers are like you and your mates refusing to adopt a silly new name. The fancy new Transport Layer Security does the same job as the old SSL, so why bother updating the abbreviation? That ‘job’ includes keeping secure all the data being transferred between your computer and the website you are viewing.

If you have any questions about our data handling or security, we’re only too happy to answer them. You can call the office on 01603 632552 or you can email

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