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New Feature for the ‘Client Area’ Platform

activity monitor feature on laptop

We’ve just added a new feature to our Client Area reporting platform: Activity. Our Digital Marketing Pack clients pay a monthly subscription for our services. The new feature is intended to detail exactly which of these services have been invoked in any given week. 

The Client Area

Each of our clients has password-restricted access to their own page on the Client Area. It’s a place where all the relevant statistics on website traffic, blog views and leads generated can be reviewed.

Recent Activity

The new Activity box in the Client Area will show at a glance what we have been doing for you each week. It is in the nature of the website design and digital marketing industry that some of our services are quite visible and others less so. The Activity box is intended as a quick reference point for our clients to see precisely what we have done on their behalf.

Information in Your Inbox

Our clients tend to be busy running their own companies. We don’t expect them to be logging into the Client Area every five minutes to view the latest statistics. To save time and trouble, we send out an automated monthly report email highlighting interesting information from the Client Area dashboard such as a website’s ranking for key search terms. From next month, the report will also include our new Activity feature. 

Transparent Services

We work hard and we’re proud of the work we produce and we want our clients to know that we are doing our utmost to make sure they have a beautifully designed, well-written and secure website that is regularly updated. Reporting on everything we do allows our clients to hold us to account, which in turn keeps us focussed on doing a good job.

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