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Company News 12/07/2019

New Suite of Websites for RWD Group

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Self-evidently, a website design company’s website will demonstrate what the company is capable of – and not just in the prosaic sense of listing services. The very features of that website are an advertisement for the skills of the designers, developers, copywriters and videographers that a prospective client might wish to hire. With this in mind, we regularly update our website and, occasionally, give it a complete overhaul.

Four Websites

RWD has grown over the last couple of years and we felt that the website needed to reflect that. There are three companies under the RWD Group banner, each offering tailored services in the digital marketplace, and each capable of supporting the other two with specialist skills when necessary. Four linked websites – one for each of the public-facing companies and one to represent the connection between us – seemed the best way to serve the interests of our diverse extant and prospective client bases.

One of our major projects for 2019 (in addition to our everyday work of updating websites and running digital advertising campaigns for existing clients, preparing detailed proposals for prospective clients and building bespoke websites from scratch for our newest clients) was to produce four sparkling new websites that would act as a showcase for the talents of our employees.

RWD Group


Meet the team, explore the facilities of what we are still calling our ‘new’ offices despite being ensconced happily for over a year, and catch up on all the news from across the RWD group.

RWD Click


Details and prices for website design and update packages, Google advertising campaigns, videography, data protection advice services, and domain hosting. 

RWD Design


A portfolio website detailing our graphic design services for web and print.

RWD Systems


An explanation of the processes that go into (and potential applications of) our bespoke business intelligence systems and management software.

If you like the look of what you see and think your website could do with a refresh or a rebuild, then we’d love to hear from you. Fill out our contact form, email or give us a call on 01603 632552 and we’ll arrange a meeting to see how we can be of service.