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Privy Counsel: Website Launch for GDPR Consultants

Posted on: 9th April 2018GDPR consultant

Regular readers of these missives will be only too familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation. We know we keep harping on about it, but the 25th May deadline for compliance is rolling around ever so quickly. Organisations need to map out the personal data they possess, define the legal bases they have for storing and processing it and get appropriate consents where they are lacking. One of our clients is a business that helps organisations become GDPR compliant.

Over-Extended Metaphor

The whole GDPR landscape is something of a legal minefield full of unexploded regulation bombs waiting to shower us with legislative shrapnel. Luckily for the frontline sappers tasked with navigating this minefield, there is guidance at hand in the form of GDPR consultancy Priviness. They had a website they weren’t satisfied with and asked us to build them a new one that would give their online presence a more professional look and tone. 

Content Notes

Our copywriter loves a challenge – so we sent him to a training course with Leathes Prior Solicitors to learn all about the GDPR. RWD director Robin Sullivan and Kerrie Shreeve, our administrator, also attended, so that they could get the low-down on the implications for our own business (which turned out to be many and complex). It could have been an enjoyably social trip out of the office, but lawyers start their day early and the course began at 7.30am. By mid-morning, we were all up to speed on the relevant articles of EU law and our copywriter set about writing the content for the new Priviness website

Additional Material

Priviness had their own logo designed and asked us to incorporate it into the overall design of the website. They started running regular training courses while we were building their website, and they asked us to include an automatically updating schedule detailing the times and places of the classes. Because our websites are built bespoke not added into a template, making additions such as these is no problem for our designers and developers.

RWD Director Robin Sullivan said:

"A content-heavy website such as this one that involves the understanding of complex ideas and the ability to express them to a general readership requires great skill to get right. We have a diverse client base and we can’t be experts on every subject, but we are always willing to learn new ideas and we work closely with our clients to ensure that all information conveyed is accurate and pertinent."

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