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Smug Faces: RWD Team Win Charity Quiz

Posted on: 18th June 2018First prize

We are well aware that it is 'the taking part' that counts. So we should stress that this is the third time that we have entered a team and only our first victory. But the taste of it is sweet and slightly addictive and we’ll be back to defend our title. The quarterly quiz night raises money and awareness for Leeway – a local charity that supports people who have experienced domestic abuse. We support Leeway in their important work by assisting them with their website and online presence. We give them the same attention and services as all our Digital Marketing Package clients at a reduced charitable rate.   

The Team

Only six staff members of the eight who originally signed up were able to make it on the night. Losing two knowledgeable players may not have been an auspicious start, but it did mean that we could play as a single team of six rather than entering as two fours.

The Preparation

We take our quizzing seriously so we assigned everyone a specialist subject to revise. Not really. We went straight from work to the Rushcutter’s and enjoyed a couple of pints and a meal in the early summer sunshine. There was some discussion of the optimum number of beers to focus the mind on the challenges ahead. Two? Three?

The Questions

There had been some unfair ribbing of our office apprentice in the build-up to the quiz, but he more than proved his mettle with his surprising ability to recognise footballers from their statues. The pen was passed to our lead copywriter for a round on spelling. Turns out he relies on spellcheck as much as the rest of us as he was unable to spell either ‘rhinoceros’ or ‘manoeuvre’. Our videographer was all set for a round on sitcoms, but disappointed that the choice of sitcoms was unanimously from the previous century. However, she made up for lost ground by correctly working out the year that Adele was born – gaining us 10 bonus points in the byzantine scoring rules that we don’t have space to go into.

The Controversy

A round on Families proved controversial: our designer’s inability to recall the name of Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-winning father put her out of action for most of the rest of the quiz. In the same round, our programmers started and won an argument with the question-setter about the parentage of a Game of Thrones character. The discussion became heated and, in the end, the question-setter agreed to award points for the correct answer that we had given and the incorrect answer that she had on her sheet and that everybody else had put down as their answer. SPOILER ALERT for those who are not up-to-date: Jon Snow is revealed to be the son of R***** T******** and not N** S**** in series 7.

The Prize

We were genuinely surprised to be announced as the winners in a tense reverse order reveal of the highest scorers. The prize was a half-case of wine. We each took a bottle home. Our 17-year old apprentice promised he was going to give his to his Nan. On top of this unexpected victory, our designer only went and won a prize in the raffle as well – bringing back a small tin of biscuits that we're all looking forward to her sharing round the office.

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