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Why Bespoke Beats Wordpress

Robert and Son are our latest Digital Marketing Package clients to launch a new website. They’re a beachwear brand with a unique concept: father and son swim shorts. But although Robert and Son is a new brand, our website isn’t their first. Six months before they came to us, Robert and Son had a Wordpress site built. Like many businesses that we have worked with, they thought it would be a good solution at a reasonable price – but realised its limitations soon after the site was launched.

The Wordpress Website

The main problem was the online store. Robert and Son needed this to be the main focus of the website, as their business model relies on online sales. Shortly after the Wordpress website was launched, Robert and Son realised its e-commerce functionality was limited and were concerned this could put customers off. In addition, they were disappointed with the site’s design. As a lifestyle and fashion brand, they recognised the need to embrace their concept and engage customers with attractive visuals – and the Wordpress site just wasn’t quite right.

Our Digital Marketing Package

Realising that a bespoke build would give them the functionality and design they needed, Robert and Son came to RWD Click. Although we occasionally work on one-off website builds, our flagship service is our Digital Marketing Package. It’s very simple: we build a new website for a fixed price of £1,000 + VAT, then charge £595 + VAT a month for our complete online marketing service. This includes hosting, SEO services, weekly blogs, social media marketing and digital advertising. Despite initially just wanting a new website, Robert and Son saw the benefits of getting us to manage their online presence. It means they can get on with running their business while we take care of the time-consuming but vital task of online marketing.

The Bespoke Website

Bespoke Beats Wordpress

We built a new website for Robert and Son within three months. Incorporating brand colours and lifestyle images of their products, the site embraces the father and son swimwear concept, creating a strong brand identity. As a bespoke build, we could also bring in fun graphics and animations to make the site more interactive and reflect Robert and Son’s youthful energy. 

Bespoke Beats Wordpress

But of course, its main feature is the new online store. We devised the concept of customers creating their own pack of father and son swim shorts, and reflected this in the site’s design. Customers can view and edit their pack at any time, then use a secure online checkout to purchase it. They can choose to check out as a guest or create an account to track their order and save their address for next time. As well as providing customers with an enhanced service, this feature is useful for data capture.

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Most of our clients come to us shortly after having a Wordpress site built – so come to us first. Our bespoke websites are huge improvement on the look, feel and functionality available with a Wordpress site, and come at a reasonable price. To find out more about our websites and Digital Marketing Package, call us on 01603 632552 or email