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Advertising your business on the Google search results page puts you in the position to sell to people who are directly looking for your products and services.

Why Google?

We focus our efforts where the traffic is. Search Engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo (and that one that plants a tree every time you make a search) just don’t have the numbers to make it worthwhile paying to appear there.

Google has nearly 90% share of internet

Ad Campaign Prices

We charge a set-up fee based on the size of your Google Ads Campaign not the size of your advertising budget. Companies like Yell charge a percentage of your advertising spend. They earn more the more you spend, so it is in their interest to get you spending more. We work differently:

Whether you are spending £100 per month or £10,000 per month on Google advertising, these are our ad campaign set-up prices:

# Ad Groups
# Individual Ads

The set-up fee covers the drafting of all adverts, access to our Client Area reporting platform for statistics relating to your campaign’s performance, and advice on website improvements to increase sales.

*All prices shown are subject to VAT

Once your ad campaign is up and running, you can use our website update service to build campaign-specific landing pages, monitor and tweak adverts, or conduct a full campaign review.

Website Updates

We can track how often a click on one of your Google ads leads to a sale or a lead. So you will get direct information about the value of our service.


How it works

If you want to be prominent on the Google search list – you have to pay them. They charge for every click on your advert so you want to make sure that as many of those clicks as possible are coming from interested parties.

Our team of Google Academy certified advertising copywriters will present your products and services to the people who are searching for related terms on Google.

Google Ads Academy Certifications

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