Visually appealing video production

Show off the quality of your company’s products and services with professional video footage to display on your website and online channels.

Banner Video

Banner video

20-40 seconds

A banner video might feature machinery operation, your staff hard at work, branded vans setting off for delivery… talk to our team about highlighting features of your organisation that will look great on video and give your clients an instant glimpse of your professional approach.

Typical price: £500.00 - £700.00*
Testimonial Video

Testimonial video

1-2 minutes

Genuine customer reviews provide potential clients with an insight into your business from people who have already used your services. ‘Talking head’ testimonial videos displayed prominently on your website can feature satisfied customers selling your services.

Typical price: £300.00 - £400.00*
Promotional Video

Promotional video

2-4 minutes

A good promotional video should succinctly demonstrate why a client should choose your organisation over that of a rival. They can be shown at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences or shared on digital and social media platforms.

Typical price: £700.00 - £900.00*

*All prices are subject to VAT

What's included

All video costs include pre-production (planning and organising the shoot), production (filming the footage) and post-production (editing the video). We offer all types of video with prices available on request.

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